Client Feedback

David Zinger, M.Ed., will customize presentations on employee engagement to meet the unique needs of each organization and target audience. Look for more information on employee engagement sessions in the first 3 months of 2007.


I just wanted to thank you for being part of our planning session last Friday but most importantly for bringing your energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and insight to us. I found your stories very uplifting and wish we had more time to spend with you. By the way, Peter Drucker has been someone I have listened to and admired for years. I discovered his work through a workshop with Tom Peters. Very Inspiring!…. THANK YOU!

I found David to be VERY inspirational and energetic. I wish we could have spent more time with him as I found this workshop to be very informational but most importantly uplifting. Thank you so much to David.

I would like to thank David for his time. I think he opened our eyes up to looking at our organization in a different way, seeing people complaining is better than having a passive employee base who can’t be bothered. In addition another big take-away i got was in regards to HQI’s, and David really got me thinking about working on ensuring I create more HQI opportunity’s with my team, my peers and our employees. Lastly David got me thinking about engagement in terms of an invitation not an imposition and I think that was a very valuable tool for all of us to apply with our teams.

I would like to thank David for his insightful and inspiring interaction with us. Who knew you could pack that much quality time into a two hour period. I’ve come away with an even greater appreciation for Employee Engagement and feel I have the tools to better engage my team and staff throughout the site.

I would like to thank David for his energy and enthusiasm. His emphasis on relating to the individual through methods such as using anecdotes when coaching are certainly the type of thing that build relationships and deliver high quality interactions.

My top 5 take-away’s from David’s presentation are:

  1. Constructive use of narrative. Using meaningful stories to demonstrate why our work really matters.
  2. The observation that shift-work impacts engagement. This is particularly relevant and presents challenges to a 24/7 operation like ours.
  3. Identifying key players – tipping points – in the organization. Who we need to get your message across to – to engage the whole team.
  4. The observation that negative energy is better than a “passive mass”. Negative energy provides an opportunity for transformation.
  5. Creating awareness of how distractions like e-mail, PDA’s, phone calls, etc., can diminish face to face engagement.

One response to “Client Feedback

  1. Great insights.. I focus on the 5th point, but glad to see others recognize the connection between that type of engaging and the more HR relevant topic of engagement.

    keep up the great work David.

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