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We Did It Our Way: Monday Morning Percolator #7


Holding Hands by

The title of the third post I wrote in this employee engagement blog was: If it is to be it is up to me.

I appreciated the meaning compacted into a 10 2-letter word sentence. I was inspired by the sense of responsibility and accountability embedded in this pithy statement.

To percolate is to give something time and to let it simmer in our brain. After 6 months of percolating, I now want to revise this statement to reflect the principles of partnership and co-creation. When I wrote this statement I was 51 with an emphasis on 1. Now, I am 52 and I want to highlight the 2.

So the revisions of this statement based on changing just one letter is: If it is to be it is up to we. Yet, flipping “M” to “W” is very significant. Employee engagement is fueled through partnership, close connections with leaders and reports, friendships at work, and our caring connections with others.

I resonate with the picture of the twins holding hands and it reminds me when my twins, now 15 years of age, were that age. There is so much energy derived when we connect with others and they connect with us. We may not be wee any more, we may not hold hands at work, but we can always think as WE.

Engagement moves beyond individual effort and tasks to residing in relationships. Watch out Frank Sinatra, I am tempted to rewrite I did it my way to We did it our way.

On my strength based leadership blog I am also in the process of flipping me to we as I write a series on the  WE(E)-Factor for leaders. This is taking place as that blog is dedicated to the Mount Everest we-theme of The Brotherhood of the Rope.

Perk Ups

Identify the people who contribute to your engagement and ensure that you let them know the contribution they are making to your development

Thank you Dushyanta Persaud for being such a positive and caring person who has helped boost not only my engagement but the employee engagement of countless people you have worked with or led, and in your leadership I always sense you are working with the people you lead.

Seek out someone at your workplace who is disengaged and devote your energy to connect with them and contribute to their engagement.

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