David Zinger will participate in Globoforce’s International Roundtable Webinar on Employee Engagement

David Zinger will be joining Derek Irvine and Andy Parsley in Globoforce’s International Roundtable Webinar. This webinar will focus on employee engagement. Topics will range from differentiating employee engagement from employee satisfaction to why are engaged workforces so vital now.

Come join us on Tuesday September 18th at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time for this informative international event.


The 3 Participants:

Derek Irvine
Vice President, Global Marketing & Client Strategy with Globoforce is originally from Ireland, and now working with global clients throughout Europe and the USA, helping them to realize their recognition and engagement ambitions. Derek has worked with such world class clients as Dow Chemical, Avnet, and Procter & Gamble.
Andy Parsley

Director of Green Lion, an organization of consultants and associates specializing in helping companies engage both their customers and their employees. Andy is a regular writer and speaker on employment issues, and a frequent contributor to BBC Radio News. He also is a contributor to the BBC TV’s 2001 documentary series “Predictions: The Future of Work.” with Sir Alec Reed and Professor Richard Scase.

David Zinger

B.A. M. ED., has twenty-five years experience in education and training. David, currently living in Winnipeg, MB Canada, is an exceptional presenter whose workshops are inspirational, current, informative, entertaining, humorous, and practical. He is active in writing about employee engagement and leadership. David writes a Strength Based Leadership Blog, an Employee Engagement Blog, and is ½ of the Slacker Manager Blog – a blog with about 8300 subscribers. David offers exceptional services, resources, and tools to foster and enhance development. He has also customized and delivered more than 1000 courses and seminars across North America to both large and small audiences. These courses range from strength based leadership and employee engagement to crucial conversations.

Click here to get more information and to join the 3 of us from the United States, Great Britain and Canada as we discuss 6 key factors in Employee Engagement.

Click here to register.


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