3 responses to “The Concrete Mix: Employee Engagement MMP#13

  1. What’s the relation of the pictures to your article? Are you working with some men in a construction site?

    Seriously, your thoughts here are great. Do you think the reward system will still make an employee feel more needed and appreciated? Some employees lose their enthusiasm towards work once they feel that they’re underappreciated, or overworked yet underpaid. Do you think a nice and comfortable workplace will affect any worker?

  2. Hey, it is all about the concrete!
    I think rewards are complex. In some ways that is an external contributor to engagement yet ultimately much of the engagement, in my view, needs to come from the work itself and our connections to the people we work with.
    Nice and comfortable workplaces can be nice but I have witnessed very high levels of engagement in a limestone quarry and processing facility in Northern Manitoba were it is -30 degrees celcius and limestone dust permeates the air.
    Thank you for your comments.

  3. I like your blog and ideas.

    You may be covering this in another post but here is a critical component in developing employee engagement for me. It is to get the employee understand and accept responsibility for the consequences of what he does/doesn’t do.

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