ZENgagement: Accountability?


Read this insightful post from jack/zen on accountability and engagement:

In many of the organizations I work in, the overperforming criticize the underperforming and ultimately call for what’s considered the ultimate cure: “holding people accountable.” Just saying the words in a pathetically stern tone warms the hearts of vindicators. What’s curious is how the question is never, “How can we get better at helping these people succeed?”

We still live under the rock of mythology that suggests that fear and punishment are sustainable factors in authentic personal transformation. They are not and never were. People become more engaged when they become conscious at higher levels, and a negative deficiency approach only creates lower energy vibrations of consciousness.

Being accountable is the act of authentic commitment, which is the opposite of bartering compliance for rewards. And this only comes about in relationships where people are supported to make commitments not contingent on conditions.

Jack Ricchiuto  

If you value ZENgagement I encourage you to read the plethora of pithy insightful and inspirational posts at jack/zen.

Photo credit: Zen rocks by http://flickr.com/photos/pyrsokomos/441063276/


One response to “ZENgagement: Accountability?

  1. I agree totally, in my work as an organisational coach I operate based on the values you’ve discussed here. Interesting how ‘accountability’ can either be understood as ‘responsibility’ for a certain piece of work or project, while others operate with the frame of ‘blame’. In my work I do invite individuals within organisations to make committments to engage in more conscious communication that moves them toward the process and tangible results they seek. Thanks for your thoughts here, enjoyed them.

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