Employee Engagement: Monday Morning Percolator #4


As stated in a recent post, the number 1 driver of employee engagement is the relationship with our direct leader.

Sometimes we are fortunate and have a great boss who:

  • provides numerous high quality interactions,
  • demonstrates how we are part of the organization and team,
  • cares about us,
  • encourages our career development,
  • offers genuine appreciation and recognition, 
  •  knows our strengths, and designs our work so we can use our strengths on a daily business.

With these characteristics in place, employee engagement flows from us in rivers of productivity and emotional well-being.

But sometimes we need to manage our boss to foster engagement. How do we do this?

BNET has provided a wonderful set of articles on how to manage our boss. Their feature package includes:

  1. How to manage your boss
  2. Bosses: A field guide
  3. Troubleshoot bad boss behavior
  4. How I got here: Boss-management tips from the pros
  5. Five myths of managing up

The feature provides perspective, humour, insight, and actions to change the relationship.

I loved the humour of the field guide providing a “birder’s eye view” of bosses and their characteristics. For each of the 10 boss types you get a playful image of the type with an outline of the following descriptions: characteristics, plumage, archetype, quote, pros, cons, warning, care and feeding.

In addition to the humour of the field guide the other resources have an eclectic range of useful tips. For example in how to manage your boss you will read about how to:

  1. Make “keeping the boss in the loop” a regular activity
  2. Create a core message for your boss
  3. Tap a vital resource: The boss’s influences
  4. Learn everything you can about your boss’s career
  5. Cultivate compatible personal interests

Get engaged:

  1. If you don’t have the boss you want, put some coffee in the percolator, click into BNET‘s manage your boss feature, and learn to manage the person who manages you.
  2. If you work for someone who creates employee disengagement – don’t leave home for work without this resource.

One response to “Employee Engagement: Monday Morning Percolator #4

  1. Thanks for your kind words about our recent feature article. It would be great if every leader could be the great boss your describe in your post, but (as our field guide demonstrates) you may have the type of boss who needs special care and feeding!

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