Employee Engagement: 30 Inches Away


Humantech Inc. has introduced the “30-inch view of business.” As opposed to leaders taking the 30,000-foot view of business Humantech suggests leaders get close to their people and environment.

“The lesson is that people matter and they’re everywhere,” Keith R. Bossey from Humantech said. “We believe that, ‘within 30 inches of your employees sits all of the profit your organization will ever capture.’ Therefore, you need to remove or minimize the friction between people and their work environment. The 30-inch view of people and performance can help companies uncover new found sources of sustainable financial gain.”

Edward Hall, who studied proxemics – the distance between people – stated that less than 30 inches between people fostered more personal interactions and relationships. In today’s workplace we must lessen the space between people and maintain our connections rather than relying on contacting people through text messages and cell phones.

Engagement does not occur by distant decree but by close, personal, and meaningful connections.

Get Engaged:

  1. Do you make an effort to get close to the people at work? Make closeness part of your high quality interactions that foster energy and engagement at work.
  2. Do people feel touched by your closeness?
  3. Read this short article on Wikipedia about proxemics to get a close view on the distance between people.

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