3 responses to “Engagement: To Bee or not to Bee?

  1. Here are a few comments Aganetha added about her work and the bees.

    Hi David, I find it amazing how you were able to place your 7 ideas of engagement with the bees and within my artistic practice with the bees. I feel honored to have you recognize the value of the bees and my collaboration.

    The bees pollinate from 30 – 50% of our global food supply. The bees are an international pollinating workforce for the entire planet. Having said that it is estimated that if all the bees died, the world would have 5 years of the food supply it now has.

    The value and importance of wild and apiary bees amidst our earth appears under rated. To date 95% of global wild honeybees have died due to the many diseases presently affecting honeybees. The use of pesticides and insecticides is harmful to many beneficial pollinators. Plus our apparent desire to cut down all grasses along highways, railroad sidings, parks and meadows depletes colonies of wild and apiary honeybees. I think it is imperative that we encourage the wild bee population to thrive once more.

    One idea which comes from Dr. Mark Winston, internationally recognized expert on the honeybee, is that we leave the roadsides, railway sidings and any land not being farmed to grow freely with the wild indigenous plants of the areas. We could also consider scattering wild flower seeds as we walk about this earth, keeping in mind to scatter seeds which are, again, indigenous to the specific area we walk in.

    Aganetha Dyck

  2. I enjoyed your questions. They are a powerful way to get at the juice in our work relationships. Creating work environments that are life-affirming and humancentric is very valuable work.

  3. Hi,
    I am truely excited by having details on emplyee engagement from your work . Thanks



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