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Wellington West a Winnipeg Winner

According to work done by Hewitt Associates and communicated in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine, Wellington West Capital Inc. placed first in the list to Top 50 employers in Canada.


They were number 2 last year, they did try harder, and now they are number one.

Congratulations Wellington West!

To be the winner Wellington West had to score high on 17 areas of employee satisfaction. Some of the factors that create employee engagement are:

  1. All the basics of HR are done well.
  2. Leaders inspire workers and develop winning strategies to attain company goals.
  3. Employees are engaged both intellectually and emotionally – willing to exercise extra effort as they work beyond the basics.
  4. The culture is clear and there is a good fit between people and culture.
  5. There are exceptional relationship between supervisors and employees.

In addition engagement is not just a feel good issue, employees don’t just feel like owners, they are owners. Here is a quote from Charlene Birdsall, an investment adviser in Winnipeg:

Birdsall says that, in part, the No. 1 rank­ing stems from the fact that Wellington is still private, and advisers and other em­ployees own 91% of the company. “Being an owner, you want to make sure the firm looks good,” she says.

Engagement occurs strongly when we own our work and even own some of the company.

Well done Wellington West – You are a terrific exemplar of the Engaged Way.

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Employee Engagement and Co-creation

Can you imagine co-creating engagement in your workplace?

Jennifer Rice defines co-creation as: “an open, ongoing collaboration between employees and customers to define and create products, services, experiences, ideas and information.”

Co-creation is often a collaboration between employees and customers. Co-creation is a pathway to fuller employee engagement where the organization, management, and employees work (and play) together to create a full engagement picture on the canvas of work?

James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore  completed a manifesto on co-creation rules this December at Change This. The “Change This” site is producing extraordinary manifestos on a wide range of very helpful topics.

Apply these 17 rules for co-creation and engagement:

  1. Yes, and
  2. Make an offer
  3. Set the scene
  4. Make your customers look good
  5. Create opportunity
  6. Play
  7. Understand the environment
  8. Work at it
  9. Love the 1%ers
  10. Get vernacular
  11. Make mistakes
  12. Lower barriers
  13. Let the mess show
  14. Share your secrets
  15. Be changed
  16. Show the humanity
  17. There are no rules

Get engaged:

1. Click here to read more about Cherkoff and Moore’s co-creation rules. Determine how you can apply these rules to employee engagement.

2. Select the top 5 rules that have the most leverage to engage everyone in working at creating a co-engaged workplace.

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