Canada Post: Putting a stamp on engagement

Go Canada(Post) Go

Moya Greene, the President of Canada Post, has made employee engagement a top priority in the corporation.

Since she took the top spot 18 months ago she has engaged in the work of employees –  from delivering mail to sorting parcels. She writes a blog and answers all of the employees questions. I have not seen this internal blog, but I imagine it make engagement a Priority Post.

Moya has also shed some of her own perks including trading in the corporation limousine for a Subaru station wagon and a mini van. She felt her office was too big so she had a meeting room placed in it and would not get the work done until she had a reasonable estimate. And much of her time is spent out of the office connecting with employees.

She has devoted much of her energies to fostering better morale, improved working conditions, and better communication with employees.

Get Engaged:

  1. What stamp have you put on engagement where you work?
  2. If you are a leader how have you demonstrated your commitment to engagement?
  3. If you are a follower how has your leader demonstrated a commitment to your working engagement?

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