Write White for Engagement

Micheal Stelzner has written a very informative book on: Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged. Not only do we strive to gain workplace engagement and personal engagement we can benefit by learning how to keep readers engaged.  Here is a quote from Micheal on white papers:

We live in a world where thousands of documents are vying for prospects’ time. Writing White Papers will help you cut through and rise above everything, attracting that ideal reader. This is a key challenge: How do you grab eyeballs through words? One of the core premises of the book is capturing readers and keeping them engaged.

I think this book will be a fabulous resource for anyone who is thinking about writing a white paper or anyone who wants to improve how they engage readers with this medium.

To read a sample chapter visit http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/book/Sample-WritingWhitePapers.pdf

Click here to visit Micheal’s White Paper Blog if you want to stay current with his latest thinking and developments on writing white papers.

Look for a powerful white paper on personal and workplace engagement at www.davidzinger.com appearing early in 2007! I will follow Michael’s principles to keep you engaged in the paper on engagement.

Get engaged:

  1. Read Michael’s sample chapter and develop a topic for your own white paper.
  2. Engage in this blog by leaving a comment and creating a dialogue.

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