We are all accountable for engagement

Beth Horowitz, chief executive officer of Amex Bank of Canada gets it.

Engagement is more than simple employee perks. Perks may contribute to employee satisfaction but they don’t necessary percolate into employees heating up the workplace with fully engaged performance.

Ms. Horowitz, according to Virginia Galt’s September 18 Globe and Mail article, is part of a trend of Chief Executive Officers taking a bigger role in engagement and talent management. In her case, CEO, stands for both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Engagement Officer. She has lead a corporate initiative aimed at creating a “culture of engagement” from the top down.

Ms. Horowitz believes some of the intangibles are the biggest producers of engagement — feeling valued and listened to  — that transforms good performance into great performance.

Get Engaged:

  1. How are you accountable for engagement where you work?
  2. Does engagement have the support and actions of all levels of the organization?
  3. Are you being heard? Are you being valued?
  4. Are you listening, are you valuing?
  5. Are you working and living in a “culture of engagement?”

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